Wholesale Plubming Supply Company Inc.
  • Capital Supply Company
  • Company Snapshot

    Founded: 1961

    Number of Employees: 21

    Farmington, MO

    Farmington, MO, Murphysboro, IL

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Capital Supply Company: Continuing a Tradition of Excellence.

Founded in 1961, Capital Supply Company provides wholesale residential and commercial plumbing, septic and water well systems supplies. With two locations—one in Farmington, where the business was founded, and the newest in Murphysboro, IL—Capital Supply serves 25 counties in southeast and south central Missouri and four counties in southwest Illinois.

Manager Ron Dement, who joined Capital Supply in 1979 and became Manager in 2000, sums up Capital's commitment to service and quality: "Of our 16 Employees, seven have more than 15 years of experience with our company, which all customers can benefit from."

In addition to excellent customer service and a competitive position in the marketplace, Capital Supply enjoys alliances with two strong national buying groups: WIT and Do-It Best.