Wholesale Plubming Supply Company Inc.
  • Strubberg
  • Company Snapshot

    Founded: Late 1800s

    Number of Employees: 6

    Union, MO

  • Do-It Best Wit


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Strubberg Plumbing & Electrical: Transforming to Meet Changing Needs

Since Strubberg Plumbing & Electrical was founded in Union, MO in the late 1800s, it has transformed itself many times to meet changing needs in the marketplace. Originally, the company supplied horse drawn plows, horse collar buggies and other farming items. In the early 1900s, keeping up with its community, it became a hardware store. And in the 1980s, while still providing for basic hardware needs, the business expanded toward supplying plumbing and electrical products for contractors.

Strubberg is managed by Mark Skornia and Pete Peters, each of which has over 30 years of experience with the company.

Strubberg Plumbing & Electrical also enjoys alliances with two strong national buying groups, WIT and Do-It Best.

Questions about Strubberg Plumbing & Electrical? E-mail Manager Pete Peters.